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Good day,

I have been using the interface MyDMX 3.0 Interface to great satisfaction.
Now the question is whether I can also use the new app MyDMX Go on an iPad with this interface or whether I can only use the remote app for the MyDMX 3.0.

One more question can I use the MyDMX Go with the Mydmx buddy?

My thanks are great!


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I have been using My DMX 3.0 with my ADJ MyDMX-RM for about two years and just last night I decided to add the 30 day free trial for dmxgo on my hardware (RM) and I connected it via USB to my tablet and it worked! It recognized that I had a trial version and I hooked up some lights to test it and worked flawlessly.

I also own a MyDMXBuddy but have not tried adding the software to it yet but will some time soon to see if that works as well.

When adding the software to the 3.0 hardware it will actually use an app called lightrider vs MyDMXGo from ADJ. They are both the same apps only MyDMXGo has been branded for ADJ to go with their DMXGo hardware.

I did notice you mentioned you are using an ipad so unfortunately I do not think that this will work for you via usb cable, I was just on the lightrider website and looks like the usb option only works with Android :/ Im using a Galaxy Tab 6 Lite.

I hope this was helpful.

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