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Hi there -

Any chance of a scan library update for the Chauvet Geyser RGB? I'm in dire need of it with 2 shows this week and more to come. Very difficult to use this fixture in manual mode, especially for standard haze or fog effects... I have to send out the haze in very loud full blast jets! ;-)

I saw someone post a Geyser profile somewhere for Chauvet's ShowXpress, but I have no idea if there is any cross-platform similarities with this stuff. Even if they were the same, I'd have no idea how to implement in into MyDMX without assistance. Although I'm an IT professional, I'm new (and self-taught) in the lighting world... doing mainly small club light shows for rock bands.

BTW - Jeffrey, thank you SO MUCH for the February updates (both software & library)!! You saved me just in time for a purchase and immediate use of some Chauvet Freedom Pars! Also, saved me with my new Windows 8 laptop.

Hi everyone (I hope the moderator is listening ;-)

Any idea when the next Scan Library update will be coming out?!
I understand there won't be any more 1.0 releases, but there was a promise to support the scan library & bug fixes right?

Is there anyone else out there that is in the same boat as me? If so, maybe folks are just not voicing their needs? (or even worse, silently giving up on 1.0?)

Since March, I've bought several fixtures that don't have 1.0 profiles yet. Several are Chauvet fixtures, and it's been so frustrating that I've even thought about switching to Show Express... but I LOVE MyDMX and ADJ!

My Chauvet Freedom Par RGBA are 5-channel, but I can only use them in 4-channel manual RGBA with a custom profile I created.
I am SO thankful you included the functionality for custom profiles, since I have 2 other new fixtures that I have fully functional by making my own profiles.
If any other users out there are doing the same thing, it would be great to be able to share our home-grown profiles while we're waiting for Scan Library updates. Maybe create a sub-forum for that?...

Are you updating 1.0 as often as 2.0? Probably not, since that's just how business works... and I do understand that. But you have some dedicated hardcore 1.0 fans out here. Possibly some are just waiting for the 3D visualizer in 2.0, but I'm happy with everything else 1.0 has to offer, including the simple and quick midi-controller assignment. That rocks!

Thanks for listening,
Hey guys -

I just noticed a note in the DMX 2.0 Profile forum that has instructions for one-off profiles. I'm gonna try that, and am quoting it here in case others might have missed it like me.

"For profile requests, please email me a link to the user manual of the fixture you are requesting along with which program you are requesting it for. (MyDmx or MyDmx2.0)
Email Requests to:"

Thanks, Lydia
hey guys.. new to this site.. anyways.. i picked up mydmx off CL.. pretty cool program.. i got some non brand name lights from overseas and im trying to add them.. i've watch a video on youtube and learned the basic but when it comes down to adding the "value".. i cant seem to get the right one.. example.. "0-10".. i cant seem to get it.. i move the little "nob" up to 10 but the bottom value is at like 155 or something.. then i'll try to add the second value.. "11-15" but it starts from 156-255 or whatever.. so my question is.. how do i get the exact number?.. please help.. and this is in the Dimmer (channel 4)
Hi Jingles/James -

I just got eight of your Mega Go Par RGBA wash fixtures was planning to add more shortly (love them!).
Unfortunately I am in dire need of a profile, and was very surprised to find that the latest Scan Library only includes the 1 through 7-channel ssl files... what about 8-channel mode?!

I run fully programmed light shows, and with only the the 7-channel mode you don't get any of the built in program functionality! :-(

I've had problems in the past getting Chauvet profiles for MyDMX 1.0... actually still waiting for over a year for a Freedom Strip Mini RGBA 5-channel profile!
Although attempts have been made, the ones sent your techs have sent to me just do not work :-(

Actually part of the reason for moving to American DJ fixtures was I thought I'd be up and running quickly (apples to apples, you know?). Unfortunately I can only use the Mega Go Par RGBA fixtures for static uplighting, and not for my band show lighting design until I get the 8-channel mode profile.
I'm ready to buy more as soon as I can program them though! :-)

Thanks for any help you can provide (and advice on the Freedom fixture "stall" would also be appreciated!)
Hi James thank you for the answer but at the moment I can not find a valid link with the pdf manual in English I know that there is a file in the library MYDMX 2 called PLLEDML7W.ssl2 that is correct version, but i am not be able to use in MYDMX 1. If you can not do otherwise in the next few days I'll try to scan the manual attached to the moving heads to post it in pdf.
best regards Andrea
Hi James, Proel PLLEDML7W manual contains the following configuration:
Channel 1 Pan
Channel 2 Micropan
Channel 3 Tilt
Channel 4 Microtilt
Channel 5 XY Speed
Channel 6 Strobe
Channel 7 Red
Channel 8 Green
Channel 9 Blue
Channel 10 White
Channel 11 Color Macros
Channel 12 Auto sound Mode
Channel 13 Reset
May aid to make a profile?
Best regards Andrea
Hi James, now I bought 4 par mod. Stairville Quad Par Profile 5x8W RGBW I want to command them with MyDMX 1 is possible have a version of the file .ssl also for my system in place. I know that there is a file in the library MYDMX 2 called Quad Par Profile 5x8W RGBW.ssl2 that is correct version, but i am not be able to use in MYDMX 1. Could you convert into the old system?
best regards Andrea (Italy)

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