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I am needing a profile for the Antari SW-250x snow machine. I didn't see one in dropbox unless it is listed differently.

It is probably simple. Here is the info.

SW-250 has on-board DMX control and the addressing is via LCD control panel. SW-250 uses 1 channel to control output on/off and volume. The channel has a value range from 0 to 255. The on/off function can also be programmed with a DMX controller or DMX control software used by lighting and effects operator. Channel A
11-255 = ON (1%-100%)
0-10 = OFF
If the value of channel A is set between 0 to 10, the unit is off.
While the value is set between 11 to 255, the unit is on.
Note: Once DMX cable is connected to the unit, then the LCD control panel, W-1 transmitter and HC-1 controller connected cannot be used.
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Hi There, Any idea when the next Scan Library update will be coming out?! I understand there won't be any more 1.0 releases, but there was a promise to support the scan library & bug fixes right? Is there anyone else out there that is in the same boat as me? If so, maybe folks are just not voicing their needs? (or even worse, silently giving up on 1.0?) Since March, I've bought several fixtures that don't have 1.0 profiles yet. Several are Chauvet fixtures, and it's been so frustrating that I've even thought about switching to Show Express... but I LOVE MyDMX and ADJ! My Chauvet Freedom Par RGBA are 5-channel, but I can only use them in 4-channel manual RGBA with a custom profile I created. I am SO thankful you included the functionality for custom profiles, since I have 2 other new fixtures that I have fully functional by making my own profiles. If any other users out there are doing the same thing, it would be great to be able to share our home-grown profiles while we're waiting for Scan Library updates. Maybe create a sub-forum for that?



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