I am needing a profile for the Antari SW-250x snow machine. I didn't see one in dropbox unless it is listed differently.

It is probably simple. Here is the info.

SW-250 has on-board DMX control and the addressing is via LCD control panel. SW-250 uses 1 channel to control output on/off and volume. The channel has a value range from 0 to 255. The on/off function can also be programmed with a DMX controller or DMX control software used by lighting and effects operator. Channel A
11-255 = ON (1%-100%)
0-10 = OFF
If the value of channel A is set between 0 to 10, the unit is off.
While the value is set between 11 to 255, the unit is on.
Note: Once DMX cable is connected to the unit, then the LCD control panel, W-1 transmitter and HC-1 controller connected cannot be used.
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