Reply to "MyDmx 1 Scan Library"

Hi Jingles/James -

I just got eight of your Mega Go Par RGBA wash fixtures was planning to add more shortly (love them!).
Unfortunately I am in dire need of a profile, and was very surprised to find that the latest Scan Library only includes the 1 through 7-channel ssl files... what about 8-channel mode?!

I run fully programmed light shows, and with only the the 7-channel mode you don't get any of the built in program functionality! :-(

I've had problems in the past getting Chauvet profiles for MyDMX 1.0... actually still waiting for over a year for a Freedom Strip Mini RGBA 5-channel profile!
Although attempts have been made, the ones sent your techs have sent to me just do not work :-(

Actually part of the reason for moving to American DJ fixtures was I thought I'd be up and running quickly (apples to apples, you know?). Unfortunately I can only use the Mega Go Par RGBA fixtures for static uplighting, and not for my band show lighting design until I get the 8-channel mode profile.
I'm ready to buy more as soon as I can program them though! :-)

Thanks for any help you can provide (and advice on the Freedom fixture "stall" would also be appreciated!)