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Hi All,

I was thinking to myself, what would make My DMX even better than it already is and I came up with this list of features I'd like to see.

Apologies if its been done already. Please feel free to add your own suggestions to this list for the good folk at ADJ to consider...

1. The ability to add more than one fixture to a DMX address (I.E to allow fixtures that are controlled in pairs to be viewed in the 3D mode)

2. The ability to hide unused or non essential faders.

3.The ability to run multiple scenes simultaneously (IE one scene running moving heads, while another scene runs stage spots and another runs side/rear stage washes. This would radically reduce the number of scenes required for a show)

4. The addition of a tab facility within the scene live window, so can compile scenes for a particular performance section without having to page through potentially hundreds of scene buttons.

5. The ability to page through scenes via the keyboard without having to click on the next button. (I.E assign next button to space bar)

6. The ability to stop or freeze a scene once playing.

7. The ability to save/load an individual scene so can either use again in another show or share with someone else.

8. Music beat or tap button facility. This would then allow you to set fade/hold/flash/chase times to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 beat instead of having to calculate timings based on tempo.

Well there's a few to start everyone off.

What else is missing or needs reworking fellow My DMXers ?


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I hope this will be helpful for ADJ Smiler

The problems I have (I use July 2015 windows version as the newer version have some trouble changes certain values via keyboard!!)

I use MyDMX in a theatrical setting (no DJ)

1) it takes very long time to start (20 sec to 1 min and I tried it on laptop and notebook PC, both are very slow) It first takes a long lime to start and when MyDMX is showing up it takes another long time before it responds. Double clicking on the 'life' tab sometimes really helps for the second part!

2) automatically scroll scene buttons in play modus!

3) fixing the time duration. When I set a hold time it does not match up with the real time! Luckily it is constant and with trial and error I can find a working parameter. I also tried this on notebook and laptop and 'luckily' this time-error is exactly the same on both.

4) simply changing the play button symbol in a 'go to next scene' symbol! (I think this will reduce a lot of frustration for new users Wink )

5)reduce the total hight of the screen where possible! During shows I run MyDMX on a notebook. Reducing some not used hight space will make some more really welcome workspace!

6) It would be really nice if changing the dimmers in setup mode would NOT affect your actual program! It now does but it is very handy to have a save 'playground' or place where you can manually control some lights without worrying to ruin your program.

(James; contact me when you need more information, I always want to help)

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