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Hi, the 3.0 hardware itself doesn't have the ability to output a 2nd universe, but you can either buy an artnet to DMX node that has 1 or multiple universes, and then pay a license fee of 99 dollar PER artnet universe you add onto the license of your 3.0 box.
Or you can buy another MyDMX 3 interface and it will come with another full 512 channels. Or buy a MyDMX Buddy, add the LIVE channel packs to get a full 512, but then you will need purchase a license upgrade to use the Buddy on mydmx 3 i believe.   
A final option is to consider the new MyDMX 5 hardware, and use that on the new MyDMX5 software, it comes with 2 universes available out of a possible from from directly on the hardware: (might not ship until April)
Hope these options help, let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks a lot for your reply Jingles! I really appreciate it.

If I choose to buy a second interface, will I be able to use both at the same time via two different usb ports on one computer or do I have to use two separate devices running the MyDMX software?

If I instead choose the Art-net way, how does that work? I have no experience with Art-net at all so I would love to know how to use it with the MyDMX software and hardware and how to connect everything to be able to control my lights.

for multiple MyDMX interfaces, you just need to plug them all into the computer's USB ports (you can use a USB hub, but try to a higher quality one) then run the program and if the licenses are all good then mydmx 3 software will detect them all and you can assign each port to whatever universe number.

Artnet is a bit different, it comes out of the computers Ethernet port over a cat5 cable and the other end of the cat 5 should be plugged into the Node you purchase, and from there you need to change your computers IPV4 IP address to one close to the IP address of the node. it's a bit more involved for setting up and really if you are only planning on using 2x DMX universes total then it might not be totally worth it. And it is 99 dollar PER artnet universe.   

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