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How do you incorporate a preset lighting design into the program. Does the whole layout need to be addressed into the grid before you can control? Also, trying out a Electro 76 light, and do not understand how to program the dip switches. Directions are vague. I want the light to be fully DMX controllable and not sure what settings are needed on the dip switches and where on the myDMX program grid that this light would need to be placed to use the full RGB controls.
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PRC welcome to the forums. im the my dmx and compu live guru. haha, well a preset stage file would have to be made for you which would be a .EVS file type. you dont need to have a stage set up at all to be able to program the fixtures in my dmx. you really dont even need to use the visualizer if you dont need/want too. is your fixture an eliminator fixture? you may need a profile for that fixture if there is not one in the library already. what all are you trying to do in the 3D? there is a dip switch setting guide on the my dmx page. do you know where it is? Sincerely,
Yes, it is the Eliminator brand. I just started using this software this week, and have to try to learn it while also keeping up with the Elation Scenesetter48 board we are using now. We are coming up on a large set change in honor of our church's one year anniversary. The stage is changing as well as the lighting setup. I was hoping for an easy transition!!! I have not yet checked out the dipswitch setting guide, but I will check it out. The lights that I am using do need to be set into the schematic, and cannot just be used with the dimmer packs and the associated sliders, correct?
I'm not sure I understand your last question. In my dmx you don't need to use a profile for a dimmer pack. Simply add a par or generic dimmer profile and assign it where the lights is adressed on the pack. Is this what you are talking about? Tell you what you can email me at James K AT American DJ DOT COM. ok? Well discuss in email if you want.
miguel you can assign any scene a keyboard trigger for example scene 1 can trigger by pressing the 1 key if you set it up to trigger by that key. you can make the scenes play in steps one after the other by selecting "Next" in the proper section. i do have a few videos on you tube there is no way to trigger by audio unless your lights have a sound trigger mode in the dmx traits. hope this helps Sincerely,

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