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Hello forums users. I will be out of the office all week this week (Feb 8th-Feb 12th) I will be at the mobile show in Las Vegas. so if your in town for the show stop by the adj booth and ask to talk to Jingles! So while i am gone i will do my absolute best to keep up with forums posts and profile request while i am gone but i cannot guarantee anything. I am hoping Chris and Serra might step up and grab the reigns a bit while i am gone. If anybody has any major problems Please just call our office number and I am sure you will be helped. Any questions?
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Well, the only tidbit of news I really have is that the Platinum Spot 5Rs aren't shipping till March 1st now. That means I don't get to use them in Guys and Dolls. I was really looking forward to that too. Once I get them in, I will be sure to sit them right next to one of my DS 575s and shoot them out.

Other then that, all quite on the Eastern Front.
I've been informed someone is sending me 4 Mega Bar 50's and 2 Mega Panels. Not sure what the heck is going on, but I've been informed that they will be mine once received and that I need not worry about any other details.

Well, what about cables? There are always details! I'm taking care of that portion on my own.

I have no idea if my regular dealer was given the order or not. I did not place the order. I suspect this is tied to someone sponsoring the show I work on. We shall see. I've already started programming stuff using the new lights.

My next order will be in late April for 8 Opti Tri Par's since my dealer feels that's the way to go and is saying that is THE light to get over 1000-watt Par64's. The ELED RGB Zoom isn't completely shut out yet, but since it's not a currently shipping model(because it's too new), it hasn't been seen to be evaluated. Regardless, whichever way I go, budgetting will be there for it.(I hope)
Well, some trade shows allow direct sales, some don't.

At AES, they don't encourage sales, but it happens. I find at AES, it tends to LEAD to sales after the show. That's how I ended up with KV2 Audio and deciding on the A&H console I went with.

At MacWorld, they dedicated most of one of the halves of the Moscone Center to sales, anyone selling stuff was there. Got some good deals too, but that was years ago(Claris Emailer and Deck 2.5... man, I'm dating myself...)

At IT shows, it's ranged. It depends on the nature of the show. Most want to do the "show and tell to generate leads" for sure. Some are all about sales.

Never been to NAMM and since I'm a consumer, I will most likely never get to one. I am assuming it is all about putting new stuff out to show it to generate large buys from merchants and channel partners.

Nothing right or wrong about either method. I prefer the non-sales shows because there's no pressure to buy, but I am pressuring to figure out what I want to buy. But I've had good results at sales-oriented shows too. Really depends on the mentality of the sales people. I hate the hard sell UNLESS I'm looking for something.

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