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Are you sure that's gonna be an ADJ product? The 5R I think is what I need to be looking at. The price is up there, but it matches the features I am seeing. It almost sounds like this should be an Elation item!

I'd like to see more metal gobos and fewer glass, but the description says "interchangable", which means if you order new ones, you're covered either way(glass or metal). I'd also like to see a bigger choice on the color wheel as well for that kind of money, but without seeing the insides, I can't say anything about that.

Only 1 bit of missing information: current draw. Yeah, my "sticking point".

Then again, maybe the Visi Beam is more to my needs. More colors, more gobos, lower price, but all the other goodies.

I don't know what the heck is going on over at ADJ. Don't change what you're doing now, I like the direction things are going!
I didn't get to play much with the ADJ gear but man let me tell you the vizi beam has some beautifully fully saturated colors. A perfect magenta. And awesome yellow. Nice blue etc. I want some of those beams. And a FROST filter! A f'in frost filter on a ADJ unit!! I work for this company and they really surprised the hell outta me this past weekend at LDI!
Well, this is cheaper then the Platinum Spot 5R Chris, the Elation version. Likewise, the Elation version has more goodies, 2 gobo wheels with 8 rotating and 14 static, an iris, an LCD screen, and I think the Elation version uses a 180w lamp vs the 160w lamp in the Vizi Spot. See here for info on the Platinum Spot 5R.

As for current draw, I would expect it to be around an Accu Spot Pro, which are fused at 8A drawing more around 6A at the most. Can also use a DS250 Pro for reference, which is 400w. remember that 250w of that is lamp, and the Vizi is 160w, so power around 310w most likely.

I can say this much, I plan on buying probably 4 come February. With how more then a DS250 Pro they are rumored to cost, and having all the features of a DS250 Pro along with an auto electronic ballast, it is worth it to step up. Less power usage, more lumen output. Not as many features as my DS575s, but the DS575s cost more. And it they added CMY and zoom to the PS5R, then it would probably cost the same as a DS575 if not more. Happy I waited till after LDI to buy the DS250s, waiting a couple more months is well worth it for the PS5R.
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I'm pleased at what I feel is the perceived value of these fixtures. My only reservation is that unfortunately they are out of my price range and my finances are best focused on live sound and audio gear over these fixtures.

But, ADJ makes both high end and low end products. This is good as they can hit a target on every level. I think the VIZI series is going to do quite well. If funding works, who knows, I probably would at that time really strongly consider purchasing a pair of these.

Between ADJ and Elation, I don't see any reason to stray out from thoes companies. Add onto that Global Truss, AccuCable and other companies tied under one big fat umbrela, it's practically one-stop shopping.

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