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Hey Jingles - thanks for the reply and I appreciate the help but I'm not following you—your video didn't seem to address my question. If you could also specify a time in the video that explains it I'd really appreciate it.

I may be missing something simple, so here's a tutorial from 2.0 that illustrates exactly what I'm trying to do, except in 3.0:

Any tips?

OK well basically you don't need to hold down shift, as the software works in fixture selection. Say you have vizi RX1s and focus spot 3zs, and you want to change the color on 2 of the RX1s, you just select the two rx1s and then go to the channels faders and change the color, then select the other 2 and change the color, whatever is selected will present you with the channel faders depending on which view you are in for the "Fader", "Palette" views. does this make sense? you just simply select the fixture you want to control.. try it. 

Yes! I follow you perfectly now and thanks for the follow-up
My mistake was not realizing that selecting the General tab below the faders controls individual fixtures while selecting a specific fixture tab controls all fixtures as a group. Makes perfect sense now.

BTW: I watched a bunch of our YT vids. That Full Compass show was brilliant work my friend - well done!

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