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Hi Guys,
i am new to this forum and actually also new to DJing.. i bought a VMS4 and am wondering now how i get it connected to my computer - so that it works with my Traktor Scratch Pro... I already downloaded a Mapping but i dont know exactly what to do to get the keys worked in VMS4...

im totally new to this section... maybe someone can help me? Frowner

I did In & Out-Port to VMS4 AU - now i got more controle about the keys at VMS4.

Fader of Midilog 2 must be maxed to get music - when i pull it down there is no longer music.

my goal is to get midilog 1-4 solo'd ... means that i can turn on and turn off each of them but not turning off midilog 1-3-4 when i turn off midilog 2...
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