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Hi Guys,
I am addict when it comes to DJ lighting. I currently own 2 might scans, x-cel (great discontinued light), vertigo, starball and a barrel Ray with some lasers also. My favorite part of mobile Djing is doing the lighting but its such a pain to set everything up especially when the lights are so heavy.

Anyway, I'm very interested in the XP-3's because I dont have to bother hanging them on a truss, but I'm not sure if they are actually good lights?

Can anyone give me any feedback? Are they bright? Too Slow? I'm used to the quality of my mighty scans and my x-cel so will these lights be the same quality? Also how do I know that in 6 months, maybe an XP-4 is released? I can get four of them brand new for $1200.00 but I just want any suggestions. Please tell me bad or good?
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What sort of ambient light will you be working against? The XP3 is a good light. I tried one out for a few days), but ended up returning it because it just wasn't bright enough. The movement is a little slow, but not bad. And the coverage was really good. Four of these would make a good show, as long as it's dark enough (and better if you can have fog).

I know it's more expensive, but maybe give the Auto Spot 150 a look. Also a 150 watt lamp, but it's discharge which should be a lot brighter. These are about $800 a pop.
Well the XP3 isn�t exactly a little thing either.
And the fact that discharge bulbs are not cheap doesn�t mean they are bad. Discharge lamps can last 1000�s of hours. That�s 41 days straight for every 1000 hours. Also the color temp of the discharge lamps is higher giving you more of a pure white and thus more vibrant colors.
Also the Auto Spot have 2 separate wheels for gobo and color and rotating gobos. Things the XP3 doesn�t have.
DJCONNECTION while every one else is being rude i'm going to giv` u a nice warm welcome...WELCOME TO `DA FORUM!

PUT it this way...

gobo/color wheel is combined
extremely sensitive to sound (At some occoasions)
fast reactment
red led numbering
similar to the max

truthfully its all up to u weather u want it or not.

i would reccomend the max light even if it is discontinued it is a great light packed w/ the features that u are looking 4.
even though i don't have one Frowner Wink .

I would stay clear of the Maxx, I've heard plenty of horror stories, that's why ADJ doesn't distribute it anymore (It's still produced in Germany), but thay still distribute the Mighty Scan.

The XP3 is unbeatable for the money. Yes, the Auto Spot 150 is better, but it costs more. Definately go for it IF you can afford it, but I'm assuming that if you are looking at XP-3s, you can't. Maybe it would be a good idea to get 2 more Mighty Scans and 2 XP3s to put on top of the speakers?

By the way, you could use the "Search" feature at the top of all of the pages and search for "XP3". I found 47 threads, there may be more info in any those.

ALSO...Welcome to the forum Smiler
Thanks Everyone!!!!
I really appreciated everyone's help. The main reason I ruled out the Auto Spot 150 is because of its size/weight. Keep in mind, I'm a mobile DJ with already a lot of heavy lights and the autospots seem so amazing, but just too heavy for me to add onto my carrying load. I think my employees would kill me if I added lights that weighed 30lbs each. Already we hate carrying the mighty scans. Also the other reason I'm leaning towrads the XP-3's is because I can get a fantastic price on them for 4 units together. I realize the Auto Spot is a better unit and I much rather have it, but I also must be practical as far as ease of transport. HELP I'm addicted to ADJ LIGHTS Anyway, I'll let you all know my decison. Thanks Again!
If i want a nice light show, i make it a nice light show, putting weight and all aside.

At 30lbs your employees are struggleing? hehe

Im not saying youve made a bad choice to go with the XP3s, afterall $$$ does matter. I think i would prefer 2 autospots over 4 XP3s. They are both great, but the autospot is simply better.

For the price, adding more scanners might be cool too. Just be careful not to over power and wash out any of your existing lights.

My personal opinion. Wink
30lbs. is not that bad. just remember there are touring groups that lug around MAC fixtures that are upwards of 75-100lbs each. Wink
This is just my personal opinion. I don�t really like the XP3. I have seen it in stores and even in American DJ�s booth at the LDI show here in Vegas, they had about 10-15 of then in a ring hanging upside-down. It was a cool effect and all but it didn�t wow me.
I have seen, in person, the Auto Spot and its sister the Legend 150R (Yes they are the same thing, and if they are not, then let me be mauled to death by a stampeding herd of llamas. ) I did like those a lot. Its like an economy version of the miniMAC Profile. they were very cool and much more stylish than the XP3.
I would much rather spend a little extra money and have half as many Auto Spots than XP3�s. Yes, the XP3�s are cheaper. You can get the refurbished ones for like under $300, but I still don�t like them.
Again, just my personal opinion.

And like said by others, 2 or more scanners might be a good way to go too. 2 scanners is nice, but admit it, 4, 6, or even 8 is always better Big Grin . Picking up some more Mighty�s might be cool too.

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