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While Doctor DeeJay may be right, I would suggest you spend a few minutes on the phone with Support with the fog machine powered on, cracked open and ready to "not go". There may be some additional things to check. Chances are it's a thermostat-type problem, which supports what Doctor DeeJay stated. It could also be that your heater is dead. Call Support and they'll help you rule out the problem as best as can be done over the phone.

You might also browse the [URL= 1200HD]Fogstorm 1200 Parts Page[/URL] as well, maybe even before calling.

The item Doctor DeeJay is referring to would be this item: Z-FS1200-THF
(Fog Machine Thermo Fuse)

Just keep in mind, things do fail from time to time. I also recommend that if you feel comfortable doing so, I do recommend doing your own repairs. This is not just to save money, but also so you become more and more comfortable with field repairs. Service Department knows I'm not trying to take money from them.
I think that's a good way of troubleshooting, but not always the wisest. Most times, it's the cheap part that fails, and there's a reason why the cheap part fais: it's designed to fail to protect the more expensive parts. Sort of like fuses, same concept.

It's always best to have a little more experience on your side, and that's where Support/Service can come in. Chances are, it's going too be as simple as replacing that one element. Just be the eyes and ears of support, have some tools handy and be as descriptive as possible, as well as patient. It's going to cost you some in parts, but it's still cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

WORST case is that if you replace the cheap part first, like Doctor DeeJay is suggesting, and you still have problems, it just frustrates the hell out of you ordering replacement parts and getting dinged for shipping. It adds up fast. On the other hand, if you order too many parts, then you end up wasting money.

Let's hope it's the cheap part, but let's let ADJ Support advise you.

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