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I've been looking everywhere for answers, and I hope someone here has seen or knows someone who has seen a similar setup.

I'm new to DMX, and we just purchased a Flash Shot DMX to go with our school's lighting system. We have an ETC Ion Console with Sensor+ and Unison dimmer racks - 120 dimmers total. We have a DMX-A and DMX-B port. The DMX-B ports run to the stage and catwalk to allow us to add intelligent fixtures.

Has anyone used the Flash Shot DMX (or any other DMX-controlled fixture) with a similar setup?? I've been working on this for a week solid and can't get anywhere.

DIP switches are active for 1-9 to program the DMX address; switch 10 determines the "non-DMX" mode, right?? I've tried programming switches to channel 1; ION to channel 513 (which should be DMX-B channel 1), I've tried programming to channel 200 - nothing.

Can anyone help?? We're closing in on the show this weekend, and I'd hoped to use the Flash Shot for lightning effects and a fight scene.

Thanks for any help you can offer!!
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Hey Joe and welcome to the forums.

How are you controlling it currently? There is no fixture profile for the Flash Shot DMX in the Ion currently. That might be where your issue is since the DMX mapping on the fixture isn't exactly standard. I will email a profile I just made for it over to Jingles so he can get it to you. Let me know if it works right since I can't exactly test it because I don't have a Flash Shot DMX.

To add the new fixture, load your show into the Offline Editor. Then go into the main display and you will see a section called 'Merge'. Select that and then the show file I emailed to Jingles, called 'Flash Shot DMX', and just merge the fixtures. Once complete, the fixture should show up in the Favorites section of the patch.
Hi, and thanks for the reply!

I can get the Flash Shot to work manually - switch 10 turns off DMX and allows the manual dials to control the Flash Shot DMX.

I've been trying for days to get the fixture addressed via DMX. Our ION has no profile for the Flash Shot DMX LED Strobe, as you mentioned. I've tried all varieties of addresses - my fault must be in my programming on the ION.

I'm hoping you or someone else on the forums can steer me in the right direction. You guys have been great - keep it coming!

@Jingles - the #10 switch in the "on" position toggles the manual dials on the back of the unit. I was so hoping I was just dumb, and this would work.
Serra - The profile looks great - it's very similar to what I'd setup.

I still can't get the unit to respond to any DMX commands. I'm guessing it's an issue with the ION or our DMX system. The bad thing about these systems is that they install them, but don't leave any notes as to how things were routed.

I know that our DMX-B is Universe 2, beginning at address 513-1024. I've tried setting the DIP switches to Binary 1 (Address 513), Binary 200 (Address 713) using the profile you've given me. I'm still getting nothing. There must be some sort of problem with our DMX ports.

Unless you can think of something else??

The profile is GREAT - thanks so much!
Only thing I can thing of is make sure the profile dimmer channel is on full. I took out the LED On command at the beginning of the Intensity channel, so that has to be up full or whatever intensity you want for it to work. Other then that, it should work. I made the Home postion on the strobe channel to LED open so it is controlled more on the dimmer side of things instead of the shutter side (like how moving lights Home position is shutter open).

Beyond that, you are patching it right. Are you using 3 pin DMX cable and not XLR mic cable for the cable runs? Also, how long of a run is it from the console to the fixture? These are the only two other things I can think of off the top of my head. If you are using mic cable, use DMX and see if that helps. If it is a long run (say 300+ feet), I would try getting a DMX booster to boost the signal. Also try a terminator in the fixture if it is a longer run since DMX reflections can be causing a signal issue as well.

Another thing you can try is take the fixture and plug it straight into universe B next to the board. That will tell you if the issue is in the wiring, patching (which looks right to me), my profile, or maybe something wrong with the fixture itself. If it works fine right next to the board, its the wiring or a signal issue (try the booster or terminator I suggested above). If not, we can go from there.
Programming is sound, and your profile works great!!

Plugged the Flash Shot directly into the ION, and it works flawlessly - works great with any other cable I can find, in any length.

It seems I have a faulty DMX cable, or a termination issue. Heading to Radio Shack to get the correct resistor to identify whether it's my cable or the length of the run.

We've already identified faulty wiring in our remote microphone antennas, so it isn't a stretch to think our DMX could be bad, too. Turns out they used the wrong type of cabling (impedance) - another run was completely shorted!

Thanks for helping me troubleshoot - you've been a HUGE help and boost to my programming confidence! Hopefully, I can return the favor sometime!

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