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ive changed the channel to 11. im using dmx cables and all lights are addressed properlly. once again at this weekends gig , the lights were set up perfectlly, then the band comes and next thing you know , lights are not working !

is there a way to hardwire this unit direct to my ipad ? any other suggestions are welcomed thanks 

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Hi, sorry to hear about the issues.
sometimes it's not just about being on a higher channels, sometimes it is about being on a less busy channel. But two work arounds that may help you:
1) If you have an android tablet to test, you can hardwire the GO to the android device via a OTG cable (amazon or google search "OTG cable") 
2) If you have a spare router lying around it is best to use it as it's own network for the GO to join, so ensure better Wi-Fi stability. You can put the GO into Station mode and have it connect to your spare router and it should be a much more robust connection. I know of a few customers who swear by this method. 

take a look at this User made video for their best tips and tricks for best WIFI connection performance.

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