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Using Android 9 phone with Easy Remote App - have allowed the Controller through Win firewall on my Win10 laptop, MyDMX 3 dongle up-to-date and connected via USB. ADJ software up and running on the Win10 machine, with "remote" toggled on in show mode. Both PC and phone are on the same wireless network and they are receiving signal.

I have paid for the upgrade.

My phone does not find the controller "Tap to refresh" does not find it either.

LED light on the dongle is flashing rapidly (the green one under USB).

Have emailed ADJ and LightingSoft multiple times and no replies (Dec 2 was the first email.



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Yes, to both. I am looking at my account now and it looks like the upgrade was for Mac! (which I don't use, but which my retailer may have tested the dongle out on). So I sent a DM to support asking for verification about the OS for the software and hope that they can change it over for me if that is the issue.

Actually, when I launch the software there is no indication that it is full or basic, the interface just opens.


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Hi, so  the license isn't tied to any specific OS, it is tied to the MyDMX 3 box serial number, and it should definitely tell you when you load the program if a MyDMX 3 in Full or Express mode is detected. 
but with the software open and running, go to the top and click on EDIT, then click on Preferences, then go to Devices, take a screen shot of that and post it here in a reply.


I have the same problem with my MyDMX 3.0. I can’t connect with my iPad. I have paid for the full version, I’ve deleted the old versions of MyDMX (now I only have version 13 jan 2020), I have checked Windows Defender, but the settings are blocked because I have Norton Antivirus.

In my antivirus Firewall, MyDMX (Computerized Lighting Controller) is allowed. My laptop and my iPad are connected to the same network, I’ve turned off the antivirus but my iPad still can’t connect.

Is there anything I can do?


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