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Sort of a blind leading the blind, eh?

You better assume starting at the level of "place mirror under nose, loose for breath" type type starting. Assume they know NOTHING and just make those with basics sit through it. Encourage questions.

Have fun.

Seriously though, more lessons like this would be highly valuable to the community. There is too much ignorance. Worse is that access to the right information is easily obtained, but people are too lazy to make the effort to look for it.

Report back how you think it went. I think this is a great thing you're trying.
That pig doesn't love you!

It almost make sense to re-hash some of the postings the past couple of years into a PDF that ADJ and Elation could distribute:

DMX-512 - A Primer

The best part is having the hands on. I'm a hands-on learning type of person. Play with some gear, get some exposure and let the imagination run.

I don't think it's important if the gear people are being exposed to are outside their financial grasps. I think the exposure to such gear shows the range and capabilities that are available. Same as with audio, it's important for students to be familiar with the big consoles. Although, I don't think the lighting consoles are as intuitive as audio consoles are, but that's not the point.

Once users start to see that with a little investment and a little imagination and some work, they can make smart decisions and buy with knowledge. I definately support education. My crew says I should teach audio, but I just don't have the patience for it. It might get scary if they suggest I teach lighting s well!

I hope Doctor DeeJay posts a post-class evaluation report. I am also hoping it goes well.

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