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alright, i'm playing around with this thing right now. Did a very simple scene. I created my stage. saved it as stage1.evs

I am in the user tab area, click on that scene and I can see it playing below where the sliders are. I go to the top where it says visualize 3d application. A window pops up with my stage on it. but nothing is playing on my omegas that i have on the stage.

Any idea why I am not seeing my lights on?

Here's an update.... If i'm playing a scene, and I'm on the stage window. It's in 'user mode' and I click the 'DMX level'. A window pops up. I'm on DMX universe 1 and I can see my DMX channels changing numbers like my scene that is playing, so my stage is getting the scene and playing it, but I see no lights coming out of the fixtures.

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Thanks for the updated profile, but something still isn't right. I am still not getting a beam from the omegas.

So this is what i did. You sent me a profile for my novascans that I have. I added that to the fixtures for my show, and did a simple scene of just the novascans. 3 steps actually.

Click on the 3d visilizer and it loaded up, says there was a new patch, it automatically loaded in my the images of my novascans, (which I wasn't expecting) and thought was cool.

Started the 3 step scene to see if the novascans would work to see if it might have been the profile(s) or maybe something else.

And its something else. No beams from the novascans either. in the 3d visilizer, if i click on DMX levels, the numbers are there and moving to the steps, but yet no beam.

What else could it be? Maybe some settings that I could check?
We have a winner!! and I now offically feel like an idiot. I was watching a fellow mydmx user on youtube and he was showing about different light fixtures and dimmer functions etc.

So I decided to look at something. Here when I was creating my steps, I was never opening the dimmers on the omegas. Dimmer was at 0 meaning off, and 255 is 100% on. I moved the dimmer slider for all the omegas and VIOLA! I have light.

Played a little with the novascans and same thing except the shutter has to be up also along with the dimmer.

So I believe I solved that problem.

oh well, one problem solved, now off to figure out why I can't get my scenes to go to the next scene.

Thanks for everyone trying to help.

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Two words:


Keep practicing and playing. Not to sound nasty, but I'm hoping you screw up a lot. I hope you then in turn come back here for help, and then get help. I'm not advocating that I want you to be some MyDMX flunkie. Far from that. We all learn best from our mistakes, and so I'm hoping you get all that stuff out of your system before your events, come here and learn more and then at events, you're sailing clear and smooth with confidence.

So, I'm only encouraging your mistakes in order to further your education and improve yourself as a MyDMX user.

Welcome and have fun!
Hello Chris,

I understand what you are saying. The last thing I want is to need to know something a minute before show starts and you cant figure it out. It could really blow your show up, in the worst way.

I have been playing with this program ALL day doing just simple stuff over and over again to make sure I can do things on the fly or to make sure my scenes are working.

I make sure to save as much as possible. My scenes started looping and going to the next scene like they are suppose to now. another problem solved.

Even though I am not sure what I did wrong before. The only thing I can think of is when I was in the user screen, I was clicking on the scene to play and then proceed to the other scene which it wasn't, but when I push the play button, it was working. Maybe I wasn't hitting the play button at all. Who knows.

Once I get the simple things out of the way, I wanna start working on the novascans and have them do circles with the fx generator and stuff.

I do appreciate knowing I can come in here and ask questions and get pretty fast answers.

Thanks again!
You can't really do that and expect it to move on properly.

I mean, if you have 2 scenes and you want them to bounce back and forth after two loops,(then do it all over again), sure, no problem. I see a great application for that, sort of a quickie show concept.

But if you really want to use those two scenes and do 2 loops and simplify:

Take Scene 1 and COPY it. Select all the steps in it and PASTE it at the end(Use the past steps, I am not on a machine with MyDMX right now). Now there is your loop. GO into your second scene, copy all of those steps. Close it, go back into that scene you make just a few monents ago, go to the last step, past steps TWICE.

There ya go. A bit easier, and if you use it a lot, gives you more options and less to go through. This still leaves your originals alone and available for other applications.

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