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I agree with Jingles. You can't run multiple scenes SIMULTANEOUSLY. You can trigger multiple scenes, that's no problem, just they don't overlap or run at the same time.

Adding a MIDI controller for example won't resolve anything. MyDMX will go to the "last scene triggered" regardless of HOW it was triggered.

Now, I can see what you're saying. I have a similar issue.

In my example, I have lots of "repeat type" scenes. For example, I have 32 Par 38's, gelled RGB and Yellow(8 of each). I make scenes with a bunch of my favorite color combinations.

I make an identical set of scenes using JUST my 64B LED Pros.

I make an identical set of scenes using JUST my Color Fusions.

I make scenes using just my Chauvet Intimidator Color, which has a color wheel so I don't have the same choices.

I make scenes using JUST my Chauvet Q-Spot 150's, and they also have a color wheel, so I lack choices.

Now, that's a lot of scenes right there.

For sake of argument, since I can make blue, let's say I want BLUE for my 64B LED Pros, Par 38's, Color Fusions, Q-Spot 150's an Intimidator Color units. Hell, throw in my two follow spots as well.

But, now I want to make another scene where the Q-Spots go white instead of blue.

Or I want the follow spots Blue.

Or I want a rotating gobo in the Q-Spot.

Or maybe I want movement in the scene on the Q-Spots

All these patterns, choices, options. Why not just "overlay the patterns"?

Well, I did it different. For my last show, I had a blue scene with my 8 64B LED Pros. That was a "base scene". I would add to that my Q-Spot 150s with blue at upstage center. I had another scene where it was identical but the Q-Spot 150's were white instead. I then had a third scene where the Q-Spot 150's crossed the stage and onto the opposite walls doing a spinning vortex gobo and in white. These were made by copying a "base scene" and then modifying and renaming it. Went quick and easy.

My advice is to logically group AND name scenes so you know what you're dealing with.

You can always adjust steps in a scene. Now that I'm really starting to examine what the heck MyDMX can do, I'm just more and more pleased with it. Seeing HOW steps work really let's me do things the way I want. For example, I can set a step that does the color changes for my cans and even other color-changing fixtures, with some fixtures in "dimmer 100% off/shutter on" mode and then position for my movers, then in the next step DIM ON things like the Intimidator colors and shutter OFF the Q-Spot 150's so I don't have to see the color wheels rotate. Just makes a more "professional" and polished presentation.

Despite limitations in the MyDMX product, this package really does pack a lot of cool stuff in that package. I'm not trying to be a butt-kissing fan-boy either. I'm looking at the business advantages of this package. My DMX Operator, while a great unit, it's as feature rich and isn't as graceful or user friendly to program on the fly. MyDMX at my 3-day event let me make changes on the fly during the event. Yes, people could tell I was making changes, and that's not what I cared about, just the fact that I could adjust what I wanted when, where and how I wanted.

Use a little imagination and MyDMX will treat you right. Worse case scenario is you write down some values and then incorporate that into a new or copied scene. Maybe it's not perfect, but that should get things done.

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