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Ok so I finally cracked my other problem I left a post on. Thank you to the people who offered some good advice & help.

Now not sure when this has happened but my SYNC button; when I have the track in loop does not keep the track in sync, it used to; but noticed that it is no longer doing it.
If they track is playing not in loop then it'll keep it in sync, but the problem arise's when using loop.
Has anyone got any insight into to this.
I'll also be emailing American Audio, as I wish I wasn't but I'm slowly losing patience at the moment.

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Your Loop should stay in Sync as long as your decks are in sync. and you loop is on point. You will definitely train wreck if your loop is like a beat and a 3rd in length. If you are missing your in and out points and prefer the loop to be adjusted to the nearest beat try using the Smart loop featuere ( shift + Loop/Smart) when its on the blue led will indicate this and so will the screen with green around the on screen GUI.

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