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I'll post all updates of the site in here.
So please just use this thread as an overview.
I'll make this a sticky as soon as I have admin rights Wink

Freshfluke's VMS4 & TSP Mapping added

64Bit Windows driver added in DL-section
FAQ updated

12.08.2010 Firmware update 3.11 added to DL-section
12.08.2010 French Manual uploaded
12.08.2010 Polish Manual uploaded
12.08.2010 Polish Midi Table uploaded

11.08.2010 English Manual (Europe) uploaded
11.08.2010 German Manual uploaded
11.08.2010 English Quickstart (revised version Europe) uploaded
11.08.2010 German Quickstart uploaded
11.08.2010 VDJ LE PC Software uploaded
11.08.2010 VDJ LE Mac Software uploaded

FAQ updated
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