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It's a lot of people, but it is fixed by simply using the Hardware manager app on your Mac or Windows computer and plugging in the GO via the USB cable and updating the firmware.
Go here:
Grab the Hardware manager for your computer
If on Windows grab the drivers package also, and install those first, then install Hardware manager.
Then watch this video to learn about all Hardware manager has to offer, but you just need to use the firmware section.

Meh...I did that and it solved the "Waiting for device...." issue.  But this product is severely flawed.  It randomly disconnects fixtures, then you need to re-add the fixture or change the fixture address. Then you need to update all your presets because the fixture is "newly" added.  Sometimes presets simply disappear. ADJ tech support has been gracious in their recommendations, but quite frankly, this seldom helps. I've tried all the internet recommendations (and there are many, many people online bemoaning the same exact issues).

I've tried a myriad of things including setting up the access point in the wifi connection. I initially used my Donner wireless transmitter and receivers, but they only add pain to the misery.  So now after being totally wireless with the good old fashioned DMX Operator which worked flawlessly, I have to go back to 50' cables between trees as well as hard wiring the interface to the fixtures if I use the GO. Yes...programming the MYDMXGO is wonderful.  So much easier and quicker.  But that benefit quickly evaporates if you're bogged down either, closing then reopening the app, refreshing the wifi connection or adding and reprogramming fixtures that randomly cease communicating.  And just when you think you've found  workaround to a bug, next time around your band aid doesn't work.  It's just frustrating as hell that this product has so, so many bugs.  Worst is that ADJ has been my go to lighting for the past 15 years and I've never, ever had any issues. 

If I wasn't already past the return/refund threshold, this POS would be going back in a heartbeat.  I'm going back to my Operator. I'd thought about selling the GO on CL but I don't wanna screw anybody.  ADJ, you've really, really missed the boat here.

Okay so.......

I think it’s only fair to post this update as my last post was pretty critical of the MYDMXgo.  First and foremost, big shoutout to James @ ADJ. His prompt response and assistance is greatly appreciated.

After my initial rant, with James’s assistance I was able to make the necessary adjustments to run this app with close to a 95% rate of success.  And I’m even able to run my projects with DONNER wireless transmitter and receivers. I played two gigs this weekend and after a few initial connection hiccups, was able to run both gigs with zero issues. Initial connection still takes one or two reboots of either the wireless and/app or both  However this is a consistent tweak which remedies itself with said reboots.

Coupled with the amazing ease of programming I’m doing a 180 & definitely recommend this device to anyone tiring of the old way to DMX.  

A few tips that should help:

  • definitely download the latest firmware as recommended in this post and stay tuned for updates.
  • double check your fixture addresses prior to creating presets; while doing so remember to optimize channel selection for each individual fixture and utilize the fixture faders accordingly.
  • in my experience my fixtures were very, very intermittent in how they responded to the app; so I deleted, then re-added the fixtures and then created an entirely new project, while deleting the original project. This was the single most successful action that turned everything around for me. For the most part, all my presets are working consistently.  I can now creates projects using the fixtures from the existing project without any issues whatsoever. Apparently the initial project had contained corrupted fixture data that randomly impacted fixture performance.
  • if you’re using wireless transmitter and receivers
      a) use a DMX cable between the MYDMXgo interface and the wireless transmitter. Don’t ask me, but it makes a difference. THANK YOU JAMES K. FOR THIS ONE.

             b) FOLLOW THIS SEQUENCE: plug in the interface, connect the app via            WiFi BEFORE activating and connecting wireless to both the interface and fixtures  

This sequence is the one I’ve found to consistently ensure total system communication is established . Again, don’t know why but that’s what works for me.

Hopefully this will make things run more smoothly for everyone.

Happy Lighting out there!

Put this out on FB, but trying to get some more

When programming presets I’ve found that if I manually adjust fixture fader settings from the fixture page and save, the effects wheels in either colors or movement have no effect. As soon as I use a fader in the fixture mode, I can’t trigger any FX on live for that fixture. The color wheel is pretty touchy to use when trying to tweak colors, especially with 8 RGB washes. The faders enable full use of each fixture channel and much better color palettes.

Is it only possible to use either FX wheel when you program presets from the live page?

Hi I'm having the same problem. The Ipad states Waiting for device to become available. This happened on my last gig, very frustrating. When I got home I researched & found that it was a common problem. I upgraded the the firmware 0.26 & it resolved my issue. That was a few months ago. Bought some moving heads, connected them & I've now got the same issue. Checked that I'm on the latest firmware, which I am so again really frustrating. Might just go the Airstream if I cannot sort this problem. I shouldn't be stressed everytime I rock up to a venue wondering if its going to work.......

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