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I am trying to see if there are any credible suppliers of additional single stock gobos for the ADJ Pocket Pros. I would also consider stock gobo wheels for the Pocket Pros.

Everyone seems to want to do a custom job and by the time you get the artwork done and get 2 gobos it's over $200.00.

Are there any suppliers that anyone has a review on?  Let me know, Thanx Brian

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Hi, we only sell the entire wheel as a replacement part from the ADJ parts website.
The huge cost is doing custom gobos, but most places standard steel gobos from an already made catalog of gobo images should be no more than around 20-30 bucks each gobo per fixture.
take a look at
Tons of designs ready to order, just be sure of the correct gobo size, which for the pocket pros should be listed in the user manual for the fixtures.

The image area for the Pocket Pros is 13mm. Apollo said that they can not produce an image area smaller than 15mm.  I don't know about the other specs: 18mm full size and 0.3mm thickness? They told me to contact another company here in Canada. It went nowhere. I guess I'll get back to them and see if they can fulfill the other specs. If so, I guess the image area will just be cropped, but that shouldn't really matter depending on the design right?

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