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I think this is a good question for the guys @ AA. Maybe it would be a good idea for these guys to listen to us for future products.

since I brought up the question, I guess I will start.

I would really apreciate a 10" mixer with either two or three channels AND sound effects. Yeah, I know they make a big 4 channel mixer with the bells and whistles, but I would really like 10" rack mountable xlr output sound effects mixer with transformer buttons (that does not switch to hamster style so that you can play channel 1 and transform with channel 2 and not interupt channel 1)and a curve slide.
ok, I guess the last part just about sums it up.

It would be nice if someone out there were listening to all of our ideas!

ok, that was mine, how about yours?

oh yeah, and quality crossfaders!
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