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Hi, i was wondering what kind of amp i should get to power just 2 apx-152's. i was going to use these cabs as mains along with a yamaha 300 watt powered mixer for monitors. how much watts per channel do i need to efficently run these? What im worried about is the headspace. ive been recently running these speakers through the yamaha mixer and i havent had much room for alot of vocals. I currently only run 2 or maybe 3 but ive been noticing that the amp clips when you have all three guys sining in it. Im in a band with 2 guitars a bassist and a drummer. 3 of us sing. My mixer is the yamaha one with 300 watts per side at 4 ohms. any recomendations at somthing cheap and powerful enough for running booth speakers? I also want to eventually run maybe the bass drum through it too. Thanks again!
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I am working on putting together a similiar system for my small shows. You can get by with a V-2000plus, but you will be lacking the headroom you are looking for. I would recommend going with the V-3000plus. This amp will adequately keep those speakers singing, and leave enough headroom to add a second set of the APX's if you so desire.
...why would he want to add a second set of apx's? from the post is seems as he eventually wants to be able to mic his drums. do yourself a favor and pick up a used ce2000 or rmx2450 and you would have enough power add a passive sub in the future as he builds up his rig. DON'T make the same mistake as most dj's do when they first start out. Buy yourself a nice amp that you are not going to want to upgrade in the next year. You are doing a smart thing by looking for a bigger amo
Light It Up....adding additional speakers to your setup is no ones business but their own. I own a pair APX152s, I was so happy with them I bought another pair and I now run them all happily off my V4000. Bob Deitrich wrote an excellent unbiased review on the AA V series amp vs the ones you mentioned, and the AA amps win hands down in terms of bang-for-buck value and features. I think the review is somewhere here on the forum, just use the search feature for 'V4000'.

I've had my V4000 for 2 years and have never had any problems. I've got heaps of headroom with 4 APXs, I have the option of biamping with a SUB without an external crossover because its built in, it always runs cool and it never distorts. I also have the occasion to run only 2 APXs off it without any problems.

So you see Harry4284 you have more options available to you with a bigger amp. Having that extra power allows for future upgrades with speakers without having to worry about upgrading your amp. Good luck with your decision.

ROQ out.
Light it up,
He asked for what AMP to get that would give him plenty of Headroom. If you read my post, I told him that he can use the V-3000, and have enough headroom to "add another set of APX's" in the future. Beside's he is going to run everything through his current APX's, as they are his mains. Yes he could add a sub down the road, but that would mean recommending another amp, crossover, ect. I do not know if he is looking at going that far. So again.....IMHO

V-2000plus = Will just get by
V-3000plus = More than enough headroom, and you could run a second set of speakers, if you so desire.
V-4000plus = Could be overkill for one set of APX's, but if you think there is a good chance of running a second pair of speakers off it. This would be your best choice.

BTW...Light It Up, this forum is paid for by American DJ/Audio, and therefore we normally will not recommend competitors and use ADJ/AA money to advertise for other companies. And I am all for a fair comparison. If you don't believe me, do what Roq said, and go to, and look for Bob Dietrich's comparison/review. It was posted here as well at one time.
....I totally forgot about the sub out option on the v3000 & 4000. I stated in my post that he would have the option of adding a PASSIVE sub in the future to gain more volume. I don't see the advantage of adding another pair of mid highs to a setup with minimal bottom end. I'm not talking bone crunching massive low end, but just a little warmth down there. I was talking about the sub route because he was talking about micing drums. A lot of times pro sound companies use subs or even full range cabs with the high's knocked out of them for drum monitors.

As far as addressing other brands, I am aware of amdj's policy but look at the diminish in traffic over the past 4 or 5 months. People were getting sick of asking about equipment or what they should do with their current setup and they get bombarded with "switch to an AA amp" or moderators bleaping out posts because they had competators names in them. I do have to admit that the moderators on this forum have eased up quite a bit from when the forum first opened and I respect that. I have owned a v2000 and it served me well. all of the lights in each of my rigs are amdj.

as far as advertising, look at what the traffic used to be on this site half a year ago, now look at it. every time I logged on I would look at amdj ads. thats how i find out about their new stuff, especially if something catches my eye.
It's all good. I was just stating that this is an ADJ forum, and we can't really say much about other companies good/bad, because other companies can take it the wrong way..ect. ect. I actually have (and still do) use amps from both companies you stated for 10 years and were very satisfied with them. Since about 3-4 years ago I started purchasing AA gear, and I must say. For features to $$$'s AA is one of the best values out there.

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