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Ebay or Craigslist are your best bets. It's mainly due to the age of the fixtures.

Short of that, and assuming you can't find anything, you may have to start researching new units.

Just keep in mind the forum is not for buying and selling(marketplace). Please handle any price negotiations and haggling via email, IM or some other method.
oh no. Never ask that question there are far too many options just between adj and elation alone! haha.
how are the lights being used? where are they being used? what's your budget and power limitations? Pics of the room that they are going in always helps too. to post pics on the forums (I apologize if you already know this) join up on and get the "IMG" code and paste it onto a post.
I agree with Jingles for all those reasons, because he beat me to saying it.

Start with ordering an ADJ catalog and an Elation catalog(if you have deep pockets!) and also watch the online videos. That gives you a good starting point. After you've gotten an idea, then the time to ask questions starts up on a serious level.

At the same time, don't give up your search, something might just pop up.

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