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I have the VMS4.1 American Audio wired to my pc via USB. Bought me a new microphone recently, the Shure SM7B. I would like to use the VMS 4.1 and my mic for streaming on twitch but I can't seem to get the mic to broadcast on my pc.

I have searched all over the internet for the past 5 days and troubleshoot with everything the internet says. But haven't been lucky to find a solution to my problem. I have connected my XLR mic in the back of the VMS4.1 and clicked the mic dot in front, so it's showing a red color. And when this is done, I do see the volume meters / bars moving upwards when I'm speaking into my SM7B mic. 

I have tried everything in sound settings, without any luck. It says "Line" and "VMS Audio MIDI Controller" in the Recording tab on sound settings. I have also tried to configure the mic in the VirtualDJ LE (VMS4.1) program. But without any luck. Can I get my mic to work without this program?

Has anyone been up to the same problem? I remember fixing this with my old mic a year ago before I changed to another USB mic I didn't need the VMS for.

Please help me as I think I searched for everything elsewhere without any luck.


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