Help Please,I have been using VMS4.1 for a year and a half now, no problems. About a month ago while playing track on deck B, right, I can load a new track on deck A, left. While pressing the Cue button on left, song playing on deck right will pitch track up or down to match deck left. It does this live or even while deck is stopped and cued on right. Running VDJ 7.4 Pro.

I have researched and changed all software settings for smart play, auto bpm, etc. but still have this problem. I have removed software, re-installed software, but still having problems. I have mapping scripts written to turn OFF all settings that would affect this.

It seems to me also that this happens with the Hardware controller only. I can't get this to replicate the problem if I use the keyboard, pressing "C" cue, while deck right is playing, pitch remains intact.

Could somebody Please offer some assistance? I've been fighting this for over 2 months.
Thanks for help or suggestions in advance,
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OK, I get it. After months of trying to figure this out, Thank you Kevin C. from American DJ Tech support for helping me. It seems to be a mapping problem in where he talked me through the problem. Many thanks the Kevin. Props to the tech support team at American DJ.
I really like my setup, . . . I think I'll keep it.
Thanks again to all for sharing their thoughts and comments.
Hi folks, hope you don't mind me re-opening an old thread, but my VMS4.1 seems to have exactly the same problem. The cue button on the left hand side occasionally triggers the sync on the right hand side. Only occasionally, mind. Keep hitting the button, and around 1 in 10 times, it'll happen, the rest of the time it works normally. I've checked the mapper in the Virtual DJ config, and can't see any reason why this should be, as the button is mapped to be a cue button and nothing else. In the meantime, I've remapped the controller to not use the button at all - my play button is now mapped as play/pause, and my pause button is now the cue. It's solved the problem for now, but it's not ideal.

Could it be the tactile switch on the PCB on it's last legs, sending a dirty signal to the controller and triggering a spurious MIDI note? Seems a bit far-fetched to me, but I'm running out of ideas here! Any thoughts would be most welcome. Smiler


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