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Hi! I've been using MIDI to control stage lighting through an ADJ operator for years. My most current project is a solo MIDI act using MIDI to control both lights and harmonies. I have used a laptop with cakewalk and a MIDIsport 4X4 to distribute MIDI signals 4 ways. Port 1 to Triton le, port 2 to DMX Operator, port 3 to T.C Helicon perform VK for harmonies, and port 4 to JV10080 for drums. I bought a Korg Kronos to replace the laptop and can do most of it with that.

The problem: I have only one MIDI out on the Kronos and even though the devices are set to receive on specific channels, the DMX Operator is "seeing" and responding to the channels for the harmony device.

Operator is set to ch14, and harmony devices are set to ch15&16.

Neither device has a MIDI through so I'm using a 1in X 4out MIDI through box.

Are there any DMX devices that have a MIDI thru? Or, if anyone sees a solution to this, I'm all ears.


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I know it's fine with a dedicated line... also it works normally when there's no info passing through in 15&16. I have been thinking about , and looking around for a controller with a MIDI through, but they're not cheap.

I figure that they didn't invest a lot in the MIDI protocols in these other controllers. The only way to find out is to buy one, and that, well if you're married, you know .

Thanks for responding!

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