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I'm having trouble mapping the Beat/Bar keys on the APC40 mk2. They are not mapped to anything, but they stay lit up and when i try to map them I don't get any feedback from the Midi Mapping menu.

Also, I have a problem with mapping the hard click buttons. On those I have to press them 3 times for it to completely work.

So, it goes 1st click activates the scene, 2nd click does nothing, and 3rd click turns of the scene. It's annoying as i just want them to function as the other buttons with a click once for on and off.

Does anyone have a solution for these or some insight?

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From one of our techs who has an APC board:

It seems the customer is cycling through the tracks so to speak since these controllers are mainly used for making music in sequences.

If this is what is going on, He would need to “Solo” the track since what the controller’s doing is cycling through 2 blank track sequences.

Not sure about this specific controller but the track activator button also seems to still be cycling through, kind of like what “A|B” is supposed to do.

Hopefully by pressing solo that would solve the issue.
As far as mapping the white beat/sequence buttons I’m not entirely sure why they don’t show up on the menu.
There could be a driver update for the controller itself which could possibly help us."


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