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I want to trigger my light show from a midi track in tracktion 3. but the only way I can make it work is to run 2 cumputers. 1 with Tracktion and the other running My DMX. does anybody have a solution for using one laptop for both? I have already tried loopbe1 suggested by friend. it didnt seem to work for me. Tracktion 3 is good about having midi output options but there doesnt seem to be a good way to assign midi input for MyDMX. my usb keyboard works only when its the only usb device attached. when I attach the usb midi input coming from my audio interface or also the firewire cable i think My DMX gets confused because it quits working entirely. please advise
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The one laptop/computer solution works, and it's NOT a good idea to do because of how MyDMX operates. It doesn't function with any sort of OS MIDI bridge, so you have to basically either emulate that with software(not recommended) or loop up a MIDI OUT to IN and ensure you don't route things improperly.

I've been able to trigger MyDMX just fine via my Korg nanoKONTROL, PAD and KEY units via their USB/MIDI connectivity. I have also had no issue triggering MyDMX using my Roland MS-1 using both my MIDIMAN MIDISPORT 2X2(USB 2-port/bank MIDI interface) and my M-Audio Firewire 410(firewire 4 in/8-out with MIDI In/Out) and MyDMX works just fine with any of those solutions.

Another issue you have to keep in mind is that MyDMX MUST BE the foreground application in order for it to listen to triggers.

I've already gone on about this in excruciating detail and at length, so please see other postings as I'm pressed for time. Also, ensure you have the latest MyDMX, which you can download from the ADJ web site. Stability issues have been addressed.

You can NOT assign stuff to MyDMX. You can have it "learn" it, that's about it. Whatever it sees during the learn, the first instruction it sees, there it is. Not always a good thing if you're not paying attention and keeping your MIDI traffic way too busy during a "learning" session.

The right way is to upgrade to Compu Live, which is designed more towards what you want to do. Otherwise, I strongly recommend two laptops and two MIDI interfaces. The one laptop solution is NOT recommended and NOT reliable. I know, I figured it out and posted it here over a year ago and it's more or less become canon on here.
You're welcome.

It's a matter of the right tool for the job. MyDMX is designed to be as much as possible a stand-alone lighting solution. Yes, that MIDI thing sure is tempting, but alas, it's not bridged into the OS, so it doesn't fly how you'd want it to. But, ADJ just can't cram those sort of features into the product without the product having to be increased in price as that's not a simple or quick fix.

I hope you've been playing with it in demo mode right now.

Oh, and welcome to the forums.

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