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Hi there, I've come across an unusual problem with myDMX 2.0 - and it appears to be a problem with both the mac and windows version, though a bigger problem with windows.

Basically, when running myDMX 2.0 beta ( Feb '13 version) on my Windows computer running XP, the hold and fade time counters don't appear to correspond to real time. As in, if I set a fixture to have a hold time of 30 seconds, the counter runs slower than real time by a factor of about 2/3 - meaning the fixture actually ends up holding for about 40 seconds. There actually appears to be some variation - it does not appear to be a consistent 2/3 slower, but always somewhat slower.

At first I thought I was imagining things, but I was having a lot of trouble lining up lighting cues with the timeline on songs I was programming to. So I check it with a stopwatch and sure enough, it's way slow.

My first thought was, maybe a hardware issue with my computer - it's an older dell laptop but it more than meets min specs - ( 2 G RAM, 1.6GhZ processor, etc). I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but the issue remains.

I tried running the program on my new Macbook Pro ( far exceeds min specs for software) - and the problem is much less noticeable, but on longer scenes with multiple steps, the timer is still slower than real time.

So I guess my questions are:
1 - Has anyone else had a similar issue ? And if so, any fix ?
2. Or perhaps the software is not actually meant to correspond to real time - ?
3. Any thoughts on why it runs closer to real time on the Mac than the Windows computer ? Just faster processor speed etc ?

Thanks !
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Ok, well some experimentation with several different computers suggests that the reason it runs in slow motion on the Windows computer is that it is consistently maxing out the CPU. Given the published tech requirements I thought a single core 1.6Ghz laptop with 2G of RAM would do it but it's really not sufficient, at least running a lot of channels at the same time. That's clear when you run the system monitor and watch CPU levels.

Running it on the much more powerful macbook pro seems to only require about 15-30% and it runs flawlessly. 2.5Ghz dual core, 4G RAM, no problem. I'm betting it I ran it on a sufficiently powerful windows computer it would be fine.

So maybe the tech specs should reflect that you need a considerably more powerful computer than suggested unless you only plan on running a few channels of DMX without a lot of scene changes etc
Hi Forum Peeps!

I'm running into this SAME issue and it is incredibly frustrating. I have a Win10 i7 8GB Ram PC that is ONLY running myDMX 2.1 connected via USB.

I set the lights for an hour long show with very specific timings to the music timing. Literally timed to the second.

After I set all the lights, timings, hold and fade times, then save and turn off computer. When I return to the myDMX software the next day the timings are completely off...always faster than when I was using them before.

Also, the software doesn't seem to keep time at all with the video. Meaning, for every 30 seconds in a video the myDMX software will count 25, it's slower than the real-time video.

I have about 100 lights (individual dip-switch numbers) and am running 60 simple white dimmer pack lights and various LEDs such as Chauvet colorstrip, Rogue R1 Moving head spots, COB Cannon Wash lights, and ADJ 64 LED Pros.

I've tried the setup on three computers and the lag is prevalent with each.

PLEASE let me know of a solution.

I'm running the latest version (Feb 2017) of myDMX 2.1.


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