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timing ( hold time / fade time) issue with myDMX 2.0 - mac and windows

Hi there, I've come across an unusual problem with myDMX 2.0 - and it appears to be a problem with both the mac and windows version, though a bigger problem with windows.

Basically, when running myDMX 2.0 beta ( Feb '13 version) on my Windows computer running XP, the hold and fade time counters don't appear to correspond to real time. As in, if I set a fixture to have a hold time of 30 seconds, the counter runs slower than real time by a factor of about 2/3 - meaning the fixture actually ends up holding for about 40 seconds. There actually appears to be some variation - it does not appear to be a consistent 2/3 slower, but always somewhat slower.

At first I thought I was imagining things, but I was having a lot of trouble lining up lighting cues with the timeline on songs I was programming to. So I check it with a stopwatch and sure enough, it's way slow.

My first thought was, maybe a hardware issue with my computer - it's an older dell laptop but it more than meets min specs - ( 2 G RAM, 1.6GhZ processor, etc). I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but the issue remains.

I tried running the program on my new Macbook Pro ( far exceeds min specs for software) - and the problem is much less noticeable, but on longer scenes with multiple steps, the timer is still slower than real time.

So I guess my questions are:
1 - Has anyone else had a similar issue ? And if so, any fix ?
2. Or perhaps the software is not actually meant to correspond to real time - ?
3. Any thoughts on why it runs closer to real time on the Mac than the Windows computer ? Just faster processor speed etc ?

Thanks !
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