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@AA: could you please answer if this two issues are gonna be fixed with the next firmware/drivers release?

The first problem is that the vms can not run in 100% internal mode.
As the user W.A.R.Z wrote in a thread that we can not run vms in internal mode with 4 decks becouse we can not select all channels (MIDILOGS 1/2/3/4 - master out & monitor out) in the asio driver!
See here:

Emarx wrote in another thread:
"the vms4 is AT FIRST a midi controller and then an analog mixer"
but if it's designed to be a midi controller it has to work in internal mode with 4 decks - it's a "MUST HAVE" then...

So i hope that there will come a new asio driver with this function/possibility!
The second thing that i've noticed is that the EQ knobs are exponential and NOT LINEAR!? It's sending the midi signals exponential (tested it with midi-ox) as well as the eq-levels in the analog mode!
I hope you know what i mean, otherwise i can explain it in detail...
Becouse it's exponential in midi mode AND in analog mode i am not sure if it even can be solved with a firmware release...

thank you for your answer(s)
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Nedo Isdo---The first problem is that the vms can not run in 100% internal mode. it is supposed to run in external mode. SO THAT in 4 out mode you can you use it with a DVS system. in 8out mode you can record your master mix.

Set your VMS4 to 8 out set traktor to external mixer mode and set decks a-d to your desired asio channel.

The MIDI on the EQ knobs is linear from 0-127 maybe MIDI ox left some messages out depending how fast the control change was.
thank you for your reply!

to the first point: yes, i know that already - i am just saying that i hope that there will come a new asio driver which is enabling this functionality (if it's possible to do it with software-only change)

to the second point: sorry, it's just not linear! maybe it is only my controller becouse of a failure, but mine is simply not linear. of course it is sending all messages between 0 and 127, but not in a linear way...
do the test: go in to the midi-ox, take one of the EQ knobs and turn it to 0/10 - so now turn it from 0/10 to 2/10 and count how many midi-messages have been sent (app. 3) - and then turn it from 2/10 to 4/10 and count again - this should theoretically send the same amount of messages if it is running linear - but no, it is sending much much more...
do you understand what i mean?

thank you

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