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Any of you that have used ADJ University or have visited the ADJ booth at a show will probably have come in contact or know Brian in one way or another a corking fun loving hard working guy who has worked with ADJ for a while and is another club/ mobile DJ like the rest of us.
You may have already heard but if not the news of his ill health has rocked a large part of the DJ community all over the world and it saddens me to tell you of this. Brian dosent appear in the forums very often but dose work closely with ADJ hence alot of you know him
here is his brothers statment from his facebook page i hope you will add him to your thoughts and prays if this is posted wrongly or in the wrong section i hope the moderators will correct this for me

To all Brians friends, This is Brians brother Dan. He just called me. I told him about all the activity on facebook. He told me to go ahead and tell you all what we know at this time. He told me he has had a mild stroke. His vision is very blurred but better than yesterday. He has parallisis on his right side. His speach was slurred. He was trying very hard to speak clearly. Brian is in good spirits and is maintaining a possitive attitude and outlook. He told me he is just going to have to make some adjustments and hope his condition steadily improves. He says he is in no pain and for no one to worry. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
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I'll probably never meet Brian. All the same, best wishes for a complete recovery.

To the rest of us: Take care of yourself. I'm trying to shed some weight myself. I only need to lose 30 pounds, bit I gotta get it done. I just recently replaced my ROller Blades with some new K2 inlines(the Roller Blades lost an axle that I can't get a replacement for), and I'll be getting a bike in a few weeks. I skate to get my kid from school and drop them off and as a family we ride/skate to the park daily these days to try to stay healthy.

Good habits now = less problems later. Brian's stroke may be a random thing, but we can all take measures to keep ourselves healthier. This will help prevent things like stroke, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes.

Oh, and get good earplugs too and sound isolating earphones. Lose the rear, protect your ears.

Good health to all!

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