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Hello, it sounds as though you have a newer version of the Starburst as the manual you are referring to is the older version. To reset the light you will need to go to the setting that will read rset. Once you press enter on that setting it will restore everything to the factory settings.

You will want to double check the way the settings are after if you were using dmx.

Hi, and thanks for the prompt reply. Up until today I have only used the
Starburst in 2 modes: Manual, set to all white on a slow rotation; and
Sound to Light with all colours and mixed directions. I have followed your
instructions by finding and selecting 'rset', but nothing changes, those
two functions are still working as before. The reason for the reset: I am
starting to use Mydmx Go (already controlling 4 mega par profiles
effectively) but I would like to add control for the Starburst. I have used
Profile Builder to meticulously create a profile, following a detailed
YouTube tutorial, and so far the results are patchy. I was wondering if the
existing 2 modes were somehow inhibiting Mydmx in some way. The fact that
'rset' doesn't seem to work is now baffling too. Any more thoughts? Cheers.

When running the unit in DMX for the MyDMX Go other modes and settings outside of the DMX address will not affect it. So the manual and sound active would not be the issue. I believe it may be the profile that was created, it might have something not matching up in that youtube video you mentioned. I recommend double checking everything again just to make sure it matches, or if possible maybe trying to reach out to the person who did the video.

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