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Reply to "Starburst Factory Reset"

Hi, and thanks for the prompt reply. Up until today I have only used the
Starburst in 2 modes: Manual, set to all white on a slow rotation; and
Sound to Light with all colours and mixed directions. I have followed your
instructions by finding and selecting 'rset', but nothing changes, those
two functions are still working as before. The reason for the reset: I am
starting to use Mydmx Go (already controlling 4 mega par profiles
effectively) but I would like to add control for the Starburst. I have used
Profile Builder to meticulously create a profile, following a detailed
YouTube tutorial, and so far the results are patchy. I was wondering if the
existing 2 modes were somehow inhibiting Mydmx in some way. The fact that
'rset' doesn't seem to work is now baffling too. Any more thoughts? Cheers.