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I have mydmx 3.0 software and i have a question.

I want to replace my SSL2 mapping for one unity by another SSL2 file more recent, without changing anything other in my project. How can i do ? I have tried many solutions but nothing works.

For example, i have renamed the SSL2 file in scanlibrary folder and nothing happens. It seems that the SSL2 file is stored in the project directly.

Thanks !!

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so when you patch a fixture it saves THAT exact version of the profile into the show file, the only way to remove this and update is to delete the fixtures which WILL delete and remove all programming associated to them. Then you can add the new profile to the library either in the application folder/Scanlibrary folder or using the import button and then patch them and re-program.

This is why it is a must for people to test the profiles for a little bit before they dive deep into programming.

Make sense?

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