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I have 2 sets of 4 ‘Galaxy-72’ wall wash lights linked together from a splitter.

They were all patched as different address.

When I set the MyDmx software to ‘sound activation’ mode, they didn’t display in synch.

So I then went and manually changed all the addresses on the fixtures to the same one, and they still all acted independently showing different patterns.

when I manually set ‘sound activation’ on the fixture and don’t dMx them together they are fine, but when I run through the software, they don’t display properly in ‘sound’ mode (every other setting seems to work fine).


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Ok so for one these aren't ADJ fixtures so we can't really support them.
Also when you put a fixture into sound active mode, it's microphone then drives it through its own internal program, since each mic on each fixture is independently controlled they are all going at their own speed. BUT when you drop the DMX you then are using Master/Slave mode and that is why one is running all of them and they all sync. One master/ the rest slaves.

When you use DMX to set something to sound active you by nature lose control, so either program chases or only use master/slave.

Make sense?

Yes, that does make sense thank you, and I believe is probably the core of the issue.

Just one niggling thing though is that the other 'auto programs' (not the sound activation one) still don't work properly through DMX. So basically everything synchronises when static, but where there is movement, the synchronisation doesn't work.

Any thoughts on that?

That might not always work either, again it's a speed and progress issue for the internal programs where they are in their programmed data....
As a Lighting programmer personally; sound active never works great, and using auto programs or macros is how you lose work.
Program them, have fun, be creative, it takes time but it's THAT much better when people enjoy something that came from YOUR HEAD, not a built in program.
Have fun!

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