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I have the newest VDJ version there is. I've installed the file from AA's site for the Radius 3000. I cannont for the life of me get these to work in MIDI mode. I go to configure/ set it to no inputs/external mixer/and ASIO soundcard
Then I go to mapping and select the Radius 3000/ when I close it, nothing happens.
The Radius says MIDI 1 but will not control the software. I've tried both, having it in MIDI mode before configuring and putiing it in MIDI mode after I configure
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I have never solved the problem. I have been getting by with timecodes but that is not what I bought this for. Question: In MIDI mode, how does the radius need to be hooked up? I mean do the RCA's need to connected to a sound card and then have RCA's from the sound card to the mixer? What do I need to select in the configure box for inputs ; none, timecodes?

First thing I would do is upgrade to Virtual DJ 7. It is the newest version and has the option of using 4 (Or more decks at once) and the midi is built in and works great!! Also if you have an Iphone or IPAD you can remote DJ from the bar (How cool is that!!)

Right this is what I did.

I have the following:

2 x Radius 3000
1 x Numark 200USB Mixer

1 x Virtual DJ Version 7 x x running on Windows XP Laptop

What you need to look at is how you wanna use the decks.

On my mixer I have 2 USB channels (Built into the mixer) So on Channel 1 and 4 is Radius as a CD player/USB/SD card (I use them all) and on Channel 2 and 3 is USB deck 1 and 2 from Virtual DJ direct from Laptop.

If you don't have this on your mixer you will need to buy an external USB audio converter. In UK can get 1 for around £30.00. you can use 1 in mono if you are handy with a soldering Iron or best to use 2 if you can. this will take USB out of your PC and then give you phono's for the back of your mixer.

This is how mine is setup to the PC and Mixer.

USB leads going from back of Radius to PC (x 2 leades 1 for each deck)
The 2 x USB leads from my PC to the Mixer for the PC sound.
Set up in Virtual DJ as external mixer output and then choose the 2 soundcard and choose the 2 drivers from the Mixer.

I use the mixer for headphone mixing.
I used to set up as direct USB mixer but they changed it now to the above.

As for the Firmware etc. mine didn't work when I got mine to start with (Jan 2010) so I contacted Virtual DJ and the said that ADJ had put a new version on firmware on so they have updated the midi channels now and all works well.

To make the pc see the midi channels make sure both Radius decks are plugged into the pc by USB and set to Midi BEFORE starting Virtual DJ. Mine both show MIDI 1 on them but they work perfectly.

Hope this helps and if you have any more question just let me know.

Don't use time codes as you don't need to with Midi.

Time codes are more for use with Turntables or Cd players without Midi.

Timecodes are on Inputs?! I select none for input as I only want outputs from the Virtual DJ

I don't use separate sound cards I use the 2 built into the mixer.

My kit is a bit too big to have in the house I am out at a gig on Sat night so will take some pics of the setup screens and post them Sunday or next week if that will help?

Out of interest which American Audio mixer are you running on? Is it any good? I am looking at upgrading mine but at the moment I am steering towards the Citronic 10:4 Mk5 USB Mixer as it has the sound cards built in again and is 19" which is what my flight case is designed for.

If you need anything else please let me know.

Let me know if you get your kit set up the way you want it.

I can't tell you how helpful this is. I am using the QD6 mixer and it sucks. It came with the Radius system and as soon as I can afford it, I'll upgrade to a usb mixer. Now that I know you only use outputs on the sound card I think it might work. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks again!
Well I got it now. I upgraded to VDJ 7 and it recognized it right off the bat. I'm not sure why the 6.2 didn't but it doesn't matter now. I'm happy , it works great. I did have one weird instance. Had the power flipped off and when it came on, the cd players started controlling the opposite decks on VDJ (left controlled the right, right controlled the left). Interesting but I just adapted to it.

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