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Hi, one way to test this is if you are running them in DMX, to address all of them to the same DMX starting address, and any discrepancies in output will tell you if its possibly LEDs that are not working or if its a control function inhibiting output.
Have you been playing around in the fixtures menus and changing anything besides DMX channel mode and address? 

Not on purpose, but being a complete newbie at DMX, and lighting in general, I went through a lot of menu items before reading a manual for a different fixture that showed the correct annunciation for this fixture.

Somehow all our fixtures became set on the "CL" mode, which is another question as to how that could happen when these things are 25 feet up, and I had to go reset them all to "d" mode to regain DMX control.

We do have 8 fixtures set to the same address, and the  green lights don't work on 2 of them.  We have two others set to the same address and one is missing red.  These things are 15 years old, at least.  Is it common for them to burn out on a color at that age?  And is it possible to turn down/off a particular color from the menu buttons?  And if someone had a strong remote controller for their lights (DJs bring them in) could that have affected ours?  Lotsa questions...

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

Hi, its not possible to completely turn off a color from within the menu, so it sounds most likely and since you mentioned the fixture's age, its possible some LEDs have died or a solder has gone bad for specific colors on the LED circuit board.
I'm not sure if we can still repair them as they are quite old, and there is no longer a warranty on these fixtures from us. You can inquire with our service department at

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