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Mydmx 2.0 crashes randomley with no warning. I was using mydmx 2.0 running 21 rgb led flat parcans. I had programs set up so i could change looks and also had a few chases set up. Twice through out the show the display went and all i had was a dialog box with mydmx has incured a problem and has crashed mydmx needs to shut down send error report.
This has also happened when ive been playing around at home setting programs up, this is totaly random happens at any time not good half way through a show when you have to restart the program getting a dead black out for a few seconds as you put the program back in.

Also updating to the latest aug 14 version will not load on to my laptop. The pc will tell me files exist do i want to install any way of which i do but it has trouble setting up on my pc and when it finaly dose it wont run just get file currupt.
Even on windows 7 aug 14 version loads but wont detect the interface so the program runs but wont operate the lights no interface no dmx signal.

Any idears any one?
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Hi, i deleted all files and reinstalled this time it down loaded and installed with no problems at all unlike the first attempt. When you go to start the program i get (unable to execute file c:\MyDMX2/MYDMX2.exe
create process failed;code193 %1 is not a valid win32 application.

I realy dont know what this means this is happening on windows xp i havnt tryed on windows 7 yet.
Many thanks
I had a similar problem with this and found it to be a dodgy DMX lead. Also the DXX control box has a poor quality USB socket that does need a bit a encouragement to work now and again. Also for some reason the unit will not work if I change the USB lead to another socket on the PC. Also I have found that high quality leads are worth paying the extra as they provide better signalling. Also My DMX 2.0. is more problematic if you don't use a blanking XLR on the last fixture.
I've never had any issues with the quality of USB connections on the dongle, and I have one from the first batch. I have heard of it having "port memory" where it only likes to be used on the port it was first installed on, but i've not ran into that on windows, just Mac.
Are talking about a DMX terminator in the DMX line, or a dummy profile at channel 512 in the program? I can understand the DMX terminator, but i've never heard of anyone needing to use a dummy fixture at address 512.

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