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I've been trying to find some more short barrel black Par 56 lights but I'm not having any luck. The American DJ model number is: Par 56 CAN/SP but all I can find on the AmDJ site are the P56A and those don't look like what I have. The ones I have look like the following only in a P56:

PA 031 Par 36 B

I have 36 and would like to find at least another 12 but a total of 64 is the ultimate goal.
Thank you for any help,

Jacob Gregory
G2 Entertainment
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I'm lucky. I work with "bands" who claim to have their own PA, typically 2 junky speakers on sticks, a sub or two and some failing amps. When I come it, they get world class treatment, top of the line gear and engineer.

As far as lights are concerned, what I have is what I have, and it tends to be better than anything they have.

I think it is the responsibility as sound and lighting providers to break the "accepted image" of what a light show is and move forward with YOUR business. Trust me, if the lights are an equivalent or replacement, it will be fine.

So, what I am saying is check out some of the LED stuff. I do hear you about the wattage for throw issue and the need for short cans. I know there are some lights that can throw a LONG tight beam as I saw some last year and it threw at least 100 feet and the pair stayed in a nice tight area. Forget what they were, but they were one one hell of a tall heavy duty lighting crank stand.
Well, I've worked with real A-list bands, so no question about the level of musicianship.

Recently, I've been working with "bands": a bunch of guys(and/or girls) pretty much doing a musical train wreck for the duration of the event, but proficient enough so the audience won't know. Most aren't a group that routinely works together.

My company has recently hired a "band", but this "band" is at least the same guys each time. I hope for consistency. At least they won't be torturing their victims, I mean audience, by mixing themselves anymore.

Their light show? 8 Par64's on a T-stand(without the T) on a 4-channel relay pack. Each relay pack is running a different program. They are high-tech: they have gels on 3 of them!

I've temporarily stopped programming my lights as I have TOO many ideas. Well, that and I don't want to do that at 2AM these days. I will trim down my gel color choices and go with basic colors by color mixing my Red, Green and Blues(with yellow). I'm really wanting money for those LED ParCans now!

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