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I have 2 Pocket Pros and am using MYDMX 3.0

I am new to MYDMX and dmx in general.

I am just starting to create scenes and want to know how to set the heads to point forward and up at the start of each scene I create so effectively they dont spin around and face me.

When using them in manual mode I would use the Target Mode and set them to 180 to 360 degrees.

When i create a new scene i get them to start in this position but as soon as I add anything to the scene and get them to move they move all over the place. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Bart

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Ok, good. Keep in mind you can only use the Easy remote app if you have a FULL license, if you don't know if you have a full license, then more than likely you didn't purchase one or activate the free trial. go to and log into your account to check.

but the app is good, but you have to design your own layout. I personally have not done any videos on it, but others have, like this guy:  

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