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I tried two SDJ1 with the same problem when rest 10 seconds to finish the song, the sound stop 0.5 seconds and them continue to finish the song, the card is a 1 gig that become with the unit, the mp3 files are a VBR and 320kb, anybody know something or happend the same?. Maybe that the sd card is so slower?. Thanks.
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I will check on this, but if my memory serves me VBR files were not officially supported, just CBR. Due to the nature of VBR files it takes allot more processing power, and they are more suseptible to errors, You can check some popular DJ software apps forums ,and find plenty of threads about VBR issues, some DJ software apps don't even support VBR at all. Can you try playback with CBR's and let us know if you experience the same issue?
hello francisco & stevie ray. i recently purchased the SDJ-2. it works quite well but it "blinks" (i mean the audio abruptly cuts for a second) 10 seconds going towards the end of the mp3 audio file. all my files are encoded at least 256 kbps, all of which are CBR. this phenomenon applies to all drives irregardless if it is SD,SDHC and USB flash/thumb drive. hope AA can fix this bug.
I just had my 1st weekend of using my new sdj1 & had the same problem 10 sec before end ...MMmm very disappointing.
Looks like a repeat prob,bug!

files from main hds were copied on to sd card as back up

sd card:
I only had one sd card(the one supplied with the player 2GB).
Each folder had less than 99 tracks,(no sub folders)
every track had a sound cut 10 sec before end of track

My music files:
All my mp3 files are tagged & coded as: filename,artist,title,genre,bpm(no album art or additional info)cbr,320kbps

Looks like problem is with player, As my main player works great.
Having the same issue too. I bought mine end of December, 2010. Returned it for another one and this one has the same issue. It's exactly at 9 seconds to end of song. This happens with both sides, and with both cards (included Transcend SD 1GB card and purchased Fuji Film SDHC 4GB card). Can anyone at American Audio help? I really love the unit, but will have to return the second one and purchase another brand if there is no answer to a fix. Thx.
Hey Chris - thanks for the reply. Yes, this happens with every song I've played - 8 to 10 different ones and at various lenghts too. This also happens on both side and with both SD and SDHC cards as well. I guess I'll just have to return this unit too. Both units I've tried came from Amazon, so not sure if they have a bad batch on their hands???
Thanks for the info Dave. I am a member of EPMENDJ which is a local division of NAME, and we have a DJ Dave. I thought it may be you. I will check into Masterbeat, and see what they use for files. Flaky things happen on many MP3 playback devices and software when using VBR files. I thought that may be part of the problem here.

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