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Hi there, i can say that this piece of kit, worx flawlessly!

With the New firmware it's even better Wink

made a quick mix for all you out there that think this is a TOY!

I got tonnes of gear, both from Denon and Pioneer and this is something in between, that noone have reached out for, until now!

Great work!

The Mix

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Nice idea. Wish I could vouch for American Audio though. I've had such bad luck with their MCD-810 that I have given up on American Audio products for good. I'm lucky to still be alive after all those horrific nights at my gigs with the MCD-810's skipping and buffering issues with MP3's. No wonder the MCD-810 is now discontinued. Too bad I had to be American Audio's test bitch for a poorly designed player. I'll wait for Denon to come out with theirs and be safe. Reputations die hard in this business and no thanks to American Audio I have to rebuild mine because of their shortcomings in such a horrible deck. I am now a Denon owner and love every second of it.
Well man i know what you are talking about!

But this controller kick some butt!

Mine has been running over 24h straight with no hiccups or stopage!

How do i know, well i recorded the player running, and skipped along the wav form when i got home from work!

2 full 4 gb SD cards

No prob

I don't think this is for a Master booth real big events, but as a backup just in case or in a bar / lounge, this is perfect!

But just for the fun of it, i will try this out this weekend @ the club, but i have my trustworthy DN 9000 with me ALWAYS!

Hooked up?

Quality wice or as like Serato / Torc / DJS / PC DJ ?

I couldn't care less in that case, as my personal opinion is that a deejay should manipulate the music Physically, like on a turntable, tabletop och 19" cd

Not with a computer and harddrive, Yukk!

They say that vinyl is dead, how come many top dj's use it still?

Both Denon and Pioneer have glitches, but that's not really something they wanna talk about, as the crown will tip over and there's a chance for a new king on the block!

If ya have a pice of gear and fill it up with lots of functions and shit, somthing eventually will go wrong.

Why do ya think Pioneer keep palying the same cards?

As for the CDJ 1000 MK IV, there will Certainly be a USB port,midi and maybe some different loop functions like the CDJ 400, other than that it will be clean.

Many deejays wanna spin music the easy way, not have to go through drivers ed once again or get a degree in science like with the DN 9000 *lol*

But when u master it, theres no comparrison!

Another thing that it's important to take into account is the pricerange!

Most of AA's prodds are really cheap, and if it's cheap it certainly can't be any good as any kid now can afford it.

But Pioneer, Wooow hey, they really land a punch on your wallet, so they are the best!, right?

I do have The CDJ 1000 mk3's, Denon DNS 3500's, DJM 909 - DJM 800 and a DN 9000, AA Q2422 Pro and as of this week, the AA SDJ1, so i know what i'm talking about Wink

Pioneer and Denon are really good equipment, there's no question about it, but when it comes to good and affordable gear, AA's the Masta!

Numrik and other prods doesn't even come close, and i've used several in diffrent clubs and venus.

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I hear some people talk about the MCD-810 with distaste. I actually loved that machine. The loop function is the easiest and most precise loop function on the market. Ever tried the pioneer cdj 800II the loop function is horrible. Also cueing a point to mix is so easy on this machine. Ever tried the denon mp3 units-junk. I used MCD 810 for around 4 years. Even took it to pacha club in NYC. The sdj1 is also amazing. Best product hands down. What do you think pioneer or denon would have charged you with such an incredible device? Forget it. I can tell whoever designs these units truly knows what it takes to be able to properly mix music. Great job American Audio. Give me a job, I'll proudly tour your products to other DJs. Once you give these products a try you will always think of quality at an incerible price when you see the name American Audio. Sorry I went off, but its the truth

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