There used to be a minled 13CH profile on here but now I cant find it for my generic 15W mini Led Moving Head. Does anyone know where it may have gone? Yes I updated my Scan Library, and no I cant find it. Please help! Thanks!

I have been trying to download the profiles from dropbox however I only get this message, for days now....

Error (500)
Something went wrong. Don't worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.

Please advise. The profiles that came with my adjmydmx2 are not all there and I have been searching the message board and it seems that dropbox doesn't hold anything, or anything for very long.

Mainly I am looking for the Chauvet Motion Drape
Originally posted by technojohn:
i have just not had any time to sort out the full profile with all modes due to work, when i have some free time i shall finish it

Sir could you help me create a profile for my mini moving head 30'watts i send request to support team but until now I still not receive any help there is no manufacturer info nor any web site to get manual so I have it here, please reply if you can help me and I can send all dmx values and info thank you very much
OK, I have trawled the forums looking for an answer to a question which must have been asked MANY times so please don't shoot me for asking -

How do I get the profiles built for me into mydmx 2.0 lighting library?

I can't even download drop box at the moment....

Thanks in advance
Hi Rob, i make the profiles and help manage the dropbox stuff, what profiles do you need? Or if you want ot just email me a list with PDF manuals attached, that helps also.

jamesk at americandj dot com

James I think he's asking about where he drops them on his computer. So where is the scan library folder located to paste them.
Good evening. Im trying to program several Chauvet Color Band Pix and for some reason when I load the fixture in MyDMX 2.0 the first three faders are controlling the RGB for ALL lights in 12 channel mode. It does not allow control over the 4 banks of lights like it is supposed to. Can someone please update/Fix the profile so that it does what it is supposed to? Or, Am I missing something?

EDIT: Here is the link to the Manual. Thx.

I'm pretty new to much of the lighting and programming but have recently purchased some moving head LED's from Vitop off of AliExpress. I'm trying to figure out how to build a profile based on the 12 channel guide they sent me. Up to this point it has been drag and drop. Helpful advice would be much appreciated.
Just installed software and got my DMX2.1 working I currently have quite a list of lights that I will be adding into a large show I need to programme up for the Xmas season.
I have opened up software and I see there is no profile for new ADJ Focus Spot Three Z I have 4 on order Also the Inno spot Pro Beams dont show up when activated. Pocket spots do o they are all ok.
Thanks Sean

Hello everyone 

I have question if anybody have file for BEAMZ SHOWBAR

I created one but it is not working correctly  


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knif717 posted:

Hello everyone 

I have question if anybody have file for BEAMZ SHOWBAR

I created one but it is not working correctly  

Hi! so send me the manual and the profile you created and i can look at it and make any fixes I see. You are using this fixture on MyDMX 2 or 3 or GO? 
My email is 

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