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Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron Review

Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Irons received almost 2500 top reviews on Amazon, which made them the best of products in the Irons category. The Top Product are not surprising, since these irons are long-time favorites of customers who seek high-performance Amazon products at reasonable prices. Even though it was designed similar to any traditional steam iron, the Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron has much more to offer. It promises to be able to solve every household’s problems with conventional irons with its convenient features. We cannot help but wonder, is this steam iron really better than the others?

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Anyone who ever irons knows that sometimes a melted decoration on your clothes or a piece of polyester fabric can stick onto the soleplate and create a spot or streak onto other clothes the next time you iron. Sunbeam Steam Master Iron solves this bothersome problem with the stainless steel soleplate, which has non-stick ability and is very easy to clean or wipe off.

Light Weight

The gliding performance of this iron was reviewed as smooth and effortless due to the ideal weight of 3.0 lbs. Even with the stainless steel soleplate, this iron is made lighter than other top reviewed rivals such as Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Steam Iron at 3.4 lbs or Maytag M400 Speed Heat Iron and Vertical Steamer at 3.3 lbs. Despite its light weight, the Sunbeam Steam Master iron still has a solid and stable construction.

Shot of Steam Feature

The best feature of this Steam Master is its master in steaming. Sunbeam offers the Shot of Steam feature which creates an extra burst of steam on flat surfaces and even vertically hanging clothes or draperies. This feature allows you an option of ironing without an ironing board, which often can only be found in handheld garment steamers. Additionally, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron offers variable steam setting levels to suit various types of fabrics.

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Efficient Steam System

The design of the water tank allows it to be filled up easily. Its large size reduces the number of times it needs to be refilled. Moreover, this Sunbeam iron has anti-drip technology which prevents it from leaking while steaming so no more mess of water afterward. The adjustable steam control system is designed to spritz instead of spit out water onto the fabrics at a predefined amount appropriate to each type of fabric.

Easy Cord Management

Some said the retractable cord system is the best feature of the Sunbeam Steam Master iron that attracted them to make a purchase on Amazon. The cord is eight feet long and can be automatically retracted into the integrated compartment by pressing a single button. You will not have to worry about rolling or wrapping and then storing the cord!

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If you are looking for an inexpensive yet functional steam iron with a number of convenient features, Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron is your best choice. This steam iron can work with various types of fabric and is designed with the ease of use in mind. We give this steam iron two thumbs up. What about you?

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