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Just a reminder to help avoid problems going forward. There are many things that are not allowed.

1: No postings of a commercial nature. If you are selling something, this forum is not a marketplace. Please do not use this forum as a place to try to sell your gear.

2: If you're selling merchandise, likewise with above, you're not permitting to sell it here. An administrator may make a judgement call regarding your posting, especially if it may include links to directly buy your merch. Violations may or may not result in suspension and/or deletion and/or banishment. I understand some of you DJ's and other people may be selling CD's and the like. Point people to your site. Let people explore and buy from there.

3: Spam. It ain't allowed. Don't do it. It's bad, it's not acceptable in any form. Just flat out don't do it. Spamming will most likely result in the account being immediately terminated without further notice. Plus, you don't want me coming down your your backside because I have a reputation of nuking spammers and would be more than happy to tack a few more spammer hides to my "trophy wall".

4: Coarse language. While I personally don't find any words to be "bad" or "coarse" or curse words, apparently a bunch of uptight people get their panties in a knot when certain things get said. So, as to not offend the whiners, watch your language, OK?

5: The Competitio. In this litigious society, especially those who really have nothing better to do than cause problems, it would be appreciated if you don't talk negatively about other makers products, or if you must do so, don't use their name CLEARLY or out in the open.

Some good habits to get into, sadly thanks to spammers.

1: PLEASE DO NOT expose your email address out in the forum. While it is NOT against the rules of the forum for users to contact each other directly via email, I just don't want the spammers to be scraping this forum in order to gather addresses. Find a way to obfuscate your email address.

One popular way is:

"yourname (at) mailservicedomain"

In my case, mine is much easier since I own my own domain and run my own servers:

"chris (at) studio42 DOT com" is a good example. Other people get more creative. This is just a simple example There are many other methods. The bottom line is that if it foils spammers and their harvesting bots and yet still allows us humans to decipher it, then it's a winner(for a while). Mix it up so you don't get lazy and so spammers can't adapt.

2: Try to be helpful when you can. The purpose of this forum is for users to interact and hopefully assist each other.

3: Likewise, DO ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question(maybe). Just do a bit of reading first before you ask a question in case it has been answered before. Even so, doin't necessarily let that stop you from asking the question anyways.

4: Have fun. We have people from all areas here, which includes sound and and recording, lighting, production and even DJ'ing. We can and do all get along, and hope you will too.

There are other rules. Please take a chance to read them. Thanks for your attention.
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