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Does anyone know where i can find the mapping files for the radius 3000 that is compatible with mac? Also some help on how to set it up? I have checked the Amercian Audio website but their downloads are for PC only?! Quite disappointed i must say considering AA tells us that it is mac compatible.

Any help would be appreciated.


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A profile is just a set of pre-sets to allow something to work easier with something else. We're not talking about a hardware driver.

You may either have to wait for Mac compatible profiles(and the profiles are specific to software packages), or else make your own, which might be the way to go. I'm sure the software you use has something to make profiles with.

Lower example:
With the ADJ MyDMX software, you don't need profiles to get control over a light. It just helps as far as the fixture being more "human friendly".

Read your MIDI implementation charts, and go have some fun programming! By the way, what software package are you using on the Mac?
Hi Chris,

THanks again for getting in touch. I had a little play around with it this morning after reading your post and have managed to get some features working. Can seem to get the scratch wheel to work though?

Re software, im not currently using any but which kind of software are you referring to? And what is this DMX software you mention?


Regarding software:

You have to be using SOMETHING. What software are YOU using with this controller? Like, Ableton Live, Reason, ProTools, Audacity, lots of others. What are you running?

Also, you'll want to read your manual in regards to the MIDI specs and implementation sheet. The controller wheels you're trying to scratch with have to be assigned to some sort of CC, and once you have that, you should be able to figure stuff out.

The DMX software I am referring to is ADJ's MyDMX software. I said so in the previous posting.

The thing is, this sounds like you're just going to have to take your time on it and be methodical. Don't rush it, that's the last thing you want to do.
Hi Chris,

I have both Virtual DJ and Traktor on my mac but i prefer virtual dj to be honest. Also on my mac is ABleton but havent ventured much with it.

Im also dabbling with Ableton but its early days.

Re virtual DJ - i cant seem to get the lights on my decks working with it?


I'm not going to comment on your choice of DJ software. I'm not a DJ, I have no use for that stuff. I work regularly with a DJ and he uses Serrato on the Mac. Regardless of your choice, it, that's YOUR choice. That's why there's several to choose from.

Well, I'm not sure where to start. There's two ways to approach this. Neither is right or wrong, it just depends what's available. You can for after this from ADJ to make a file compatible with your software choice. The other site(more frequently), the software maker will develop a plug-in, mapping fileor other bit of something to work with third party hardware. It always works best when they both work together to get this sort of thing created.

I can't be of much further help. It sounds like more work needs to be done. If you're impatient, call Virtual DJ and ADJ up and see if there is something available.

Best of luck!
TDave---- The Radius line is natively supported on Virtual DJ since V6.8 if you are using an earlier version please update.

as far as Traktor is concerned the TSI files are both mac and PC compatible. how ever they are not compatible on versions older than the one it was created on what version are you running?

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